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« Dateline The Sting (HD, TV-14) When a newlywed bride returns home to the news that her husband is dead, investigators begin to wonder if the wife is a murderer or the pawn in a bad hoax.
The Kelly Clarkson Show (HD, New, TV-G) Actor Michael Ealy; actor Manny Jacinto; Kelly covers "Seven Nation Army"; a story is shared about a man who proposed during a chemotherapy session.
Last Man Standing The Dad Hat (HD, TV-PG) When Kristin tells Mike that she wants to be in charge of the opening of the next Outdoor Man Grill restaurant, he starts acting like a dad instead of her boss.
Last Man Standing The Big Sleepover (HD, TV-PG) Mike does not want Eve's friend Cammy to stay with them, so he tries to pawn her off on the Larabees; Kristin wants Mandy to design uniforms for the Grill.
The Big Bang Theory The Adhesive Duck Deficiency (HD, TV-PG) With Leonard, Howard and Raj away on a camping trip in the desert, Penny has no choice but to rely on Sheldon after she accidentally injures her shoulder.

« Bonanza Danger Road (TV-G) Freight-hauler, Gunny, is offered a dangerous job by Ben to prove his mettle, when his rival Cambeau turns it down, but Cambeau watches the progress closely.
The Rifleman Lou Mallory (TV-PG) The townspeople of North Fork are very suspicious of the red-headed newcomer Lou Mallory as she buys all the property available in the town.
The Rifleman Quiet Night, Deadly Night (TV-G) A new girl arrives in North Fork and does not get a warm welcome because she has all the symptoms of smallpox, causing the townspeople to prepare for the worse.
Wagon Train The Albert Farnsworth Story (TV-G) A British army surgeon who is traveling with the wagon train tries to convince his fellow passengers that the British way of life is the best one.
Adam-12 Log 15: Exactly One Hundred Yards (TV-PG) When Reed and Malloy volunteer to work at the Los Angeles Police Department Olympics, they meet a young man in desperate need of a role model.
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