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« Castle The Good, the Bad and the Baby (HD, TV-PG) A dying man leaves a baby boy in the care of a priest who hands it over to Castle and Beckett, but they soon learn that the baby and the man were not relatives.
Bones The Sin in the Sisterhood (HD, TV-14) The team fights against the elements to investigate a body disguised as a scarecrow; Booth and Brennan interrogate the sister-wives; Cam's relationship worry.
Outdoor America World of White Tail (HD, New)
Overnight Weather (New)
Early Today (HD, New, TV-G) A comprehensive first look at overnight news events from the nation and the world includes weather, business, entertainment and sports reports.

« The Fugitive All the Scared Rabbits (TV-PG) Kimble acts as a driver for a woman and her 10-year old daughter for their trip to California but is then later treating the girl for an unknown illness.
The Untouchables Hammerlock (TV-PG) The New York crime syndicate is looking to expand their area of control by establishing a truckers association to take over the local baking industry.
Peter Gunn The Most Deadly Angel (TV-PG) An unknown woman is so enamored with Gunn that she begins killing gangsters in order to prove her feelings, but Gunn is suspected of the murders.
Peter Gunn Til Death Do Us Part (TV-PG) Peter Gunn travels to Mexico in order to track down a woman and prevent her husband from being wrongly executed for her supposed murder.
Night Gallery House - with Ghost; Witches' Feast (TV-PG) A husband plans to murder his wife with the help of a ghost; a coven of witches awaits an overdue member.
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