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The Champion Within Playing Without Limits (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A hockey team with players in their 70s is featured; NFL assistant coach Katie Sowers is introduced; a look is taken at the story of Shane Caldwell.
Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer Paddling Through the Pantanal (HD, New, TV-G) Dylan Dreyer sets out through the rivers of the Pantanal, where the techniques of hungry otters and the agility of Pantanal jaguars are featured.
Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer Hiking the Himalayas (HD, New, TV-G) The migratory path of geese and cranes is followed; a look is taken at how certain species and people all have a connection through the Himalayas.
Consumer 101 If Cars Could Talk (HD, New, TV-G) Jack Rico sets out into the real world with an expert to get a first-hand look at how they test cars; Tidy Bree tries to help Jack clean up his online life.
Vets Saving Pets The K9's Canine (HD, New, TV-G) Dr. Regan Williams tends to a long-time patient's racing heart; Sharon French tends to a police dog that has a cracked canine tooth.
Roots Less Traveled Connecting to John F. Kennedy (HD, New, TV-G) A pair of half siblings discover their relation to a famous Mexican political family and learn that their third cousin died on the Titanic.

Have Gun, Will Travel Hey Boy's Revenge (TV-G) Conditions for the Chinese working on a Utah railroad gang are so horrid that Hey Boy and his brother launch a controversial protest alongside other workers.
Maverick Point Blank (TV-G) Bret becomes attracted to a charming, alluring damsel, who is actually married and hoping to use him as a scapegoat for a planned bank robbery.
Wagon Train The Willy Moran Story (TV-G) A major preparing to lead a wagon train from Missouri to California encounters his old Civil War officer and offers him a job as a driver.
The Big Valley The Battle of Mineral Springs (TV-G) Jarrod and Victoria head to Stockton but stop in a town that asks unusual prices for food, lodging and services, and they find out how the townspeople live.
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